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How does it work?

You bring in one or many items to sell
We describe, photograph, list on eBay, answer questions from buyers, collect payment, and ship the item.
You get a check.

What if my item doesn't sell?

If your item does not sell the first try, we will relist it in our store at a fixed price.
You can pick it up after 120 days.
You can tell us to donate the item to charity.

When do I get paid?

The whole process usually takes 7-9 weeks.  Some items may take longer, up to several months. 

How much does it cost?  What is are the commission rates?  Click the applicable category for your item.

Most Items

Are there additional fees?

Yes.  You pay eBay fees (4% to 10%), however we pay ALL payment processing fees and any unforeseen charges.

Do I pay shipping?

Usually. For larger, low value items the buyer of the item pays shipping costs.  For high value items that we think would benefit from free shipping, we will offer it at our discretion.  When we offer free shipping the cost is deducted from the sale price prior to calculating our commission or the deduction of any other fees.  Items with free shipping get more visibility in eBay search and we will always offer it for small items or valuable items.  International buyers continue to pay their own shipping costs.

Why should I use your service?

It's Easy!  Plus, we will save you time and make you money.
The average eBay listing takes 2-3 hours to complete.  That is just ONE listing!!
Take a look at our comparison chart.
The average home has 25 unused high value items collecting dust.
You can get up to 30% more for your items because buyers trust us. Take a look at our excellent eBay feedback rating.
We have over 30 years combined experience on eBay.
We are family owned and operated since 2003.

How many photos will you take of my item?

We take as many photos as we need. We do not limit the number of photos.  However, a typical listing will have up to twelve.  If we think it needs more, then we will include more.

Will you pick up my items?

We will consider picking up items. Additional fees will be charged depending on your location and number of items.

You must provide us a detailed list of your items, for our consideration, if you interested in this service.

Will you accept furniture?

In nearly all cases, we will refer you to a local furniture consignment shop.  If you can pick up the furniture by yourself with two hands and it can fit into a box, then we would consider selling it for you. 
Usually we only sell furniture for charity.
Occasionally, when we do sell furniture for clients, the owner must keep possession until the item is sold.
We do not have the ability to pick up furniture, nor the ability to store it.

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